Видео: Hand2Note - Creating Positional HUD

Hand2Note - Creating Static HUD

In this video we are going to learn how to create simple HUD in Hand2Note using HUD Editor. Download Hand2Note: ...

Hand2Note - new alternative to HoldemManager and PokerTracker

Hand2Note is a statistical software for professional online poker players. Download here: https://goo.gl/3352m6 Hand2Note ...

Hand2Note-Tutorial/stats HUD grátis

Hand2Note Tutorial: Como configurar as stats no H2N #Hand2note #H2N #grátis #HUD #Poker Espero que tenha ajudado.

Hand2Note Pro.Tools HUD for PokerMaster (DYNAMIC HUD)

Gameplay with Dynamic HUD in PokerMaster Rooms Pro.Tools package for Hand2Note Positional HUD for Straddle and Classic ...

(ENG) Hud for H2N by aJarov and Fukuruku

«AJAROV & FUKURUKU» Package https://pokerpopup.net/sets/h2n/mtt_mtsng_sng/2763/ Promocode to get 10% discount on ...

Hand2Note - Creating Custom Stats

Download Hand2Note: https://goo.gl/3352m6.

Hand2Note - Создание Позиционного ХУДа

В этом видео мы создадим простой позиционный ХУД и расскажем принцип создания динамического ХУДа Скачать...

Como configurar o Hand2Note: HUD gratuito

Veja os primeiros passos para fazer funcionar esse HUD gratuito para mesas de até US$ 9.

New Simple HUD (eng)

HUDs/Popups for hand2note: https://www.progt-pack.com.

Hud hand2note Free Pack H2N бесплатный пак - установка

Видео инструкция по установке бесплатного hud hand2note Free Pack H2N. Video installation guide free hand2note hud download ...

Como escolher as estatísticas do Hand2Note: HUD gratuito

Veja como escolher as estatísticas e criar estatísticas personalizadas nesse HUD gratuito para mesas de até US$ 9.

Hand2Note - Mass Clone Feature

Download Hand2Note: https://goo.gl/3352m6.

Episode 13 Hand2Note HUD Review

These videos are intended for information only and not intended to sell anything. Get News and Updates from Rounder University: ...

Hand2Note - Создание статического ХУДа

В этом видео мы создадим простейший статический ХУД в Hand2Note, который будет содержать VPIP, PFR, HANDS и ...

Hand 2 Note - Using Expression Strings for Range Research

A tutorial on how to use expression strings to run Range Research.


Like an X-ray that enables you to see what is hidden from the naked eye, this HUD reveals weaknesses in your opponents' game.

Hand2Note Pro.Tool pHUD v2 (6max)

Gameplay with Positional HUD v2 (6max) from Pro.Tools package for Hand2Note PokerStars two tables (ZOOM and regular table) ...

Hand2Note - Создание статов

В этом видео рассмотрена работа с редактором статов в Hand2Note на примере создания стата 3BET BB VS BTN Скачать ...

Опубликовано: 16 Мар 2020

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