Видео: My Opel Calibra 3/3

my Opel Calibra 2/3

With basic performance upgrades about 290 HP; on tarmac, gravel and mud.

my Opel Calibra 1/3

With basic performance upgrades about 290 HP; on road & rally track.

Opel calibra racing 3

Racing my Opel Calibra with c20xe, subscribe and like for more, I have a lot more videos to upload if you want to see! :) I have ...

calibra ride 3/3

opel; calibra, 16v, c20xe, Bagira.

RWD Opel Calibra CT 89 ASP @VIDEOMYTH!

Teaser Auto Summer Fest 2016 Video Production - VIDEOMYTH! https://www.facebook.com/VIDEOMYTH Music: TroyBoi feat.

Opel Calibra 3.2 v6


1996 Opel Calibra ITC V6 - First run in 20 years

Engine: Cosworth 75-degree V6 Power: 500hp @ 11650 rpm Torque: 310Nm @ 9000 rpm Drivetrain: 4WD Weight: 1040kg ...

Opel Calibra 4x4 Belarus

Выехал для проверки полного привода.


Excuse the bad audio at the start, gotta invest into some camera gear. Stickers and shirts - https://eurotrashlife.bigcartel.com/ ...

The Drift My Life

Calibra RWD convert by me from 4x4 s13 white CA18DAT Manual Gear Genesis Coupe red 3.8 RS manual gear Genesis Coupe ...

Calibra RWD vs Mazda RX7 drift

Calibra RWD vs Mazda RX7 twindrift @ R1 Drift Skien.

My Opel Calibra 2 0

Support the channel making a donation at https://www.paypal.me/ClaudeGarage Please also watch my playlists: My panel beater ...

opel calibra 2010

Thanks for the comments,all the best guys.

Calibra Umbauphasen www.drcalibra.de

Ein Video über die Umbaumaßnahmen meines Calibra die schon mehr als 5000 Arbeitsstunden verschlungen haben in 15 ...

Gardermoen Raceway Calibra RWD

Short in-car run from Gardermoen Raceway drift setup, Opel Calibra RWD.

CALIBRA V6 (Calibra ViVi)

Calibra V6 // 211 PS (208 hp) // 1994 Colour // Neptun Turquoise Transmission // F28 (from Calibra TURBO) OBD2 Diagnostic ...

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