Видео: Editing a Gator watch profile in the App

Gator 3 App

Gator 3 is the new generation product in 2017, the new watch comes with brand new feature and much better in performance with ...

Gator 3 NG Setup (Norwegian)

Gator 3 New Generation setup video (Norwegian) The official YouTube channel for Tail it Technologies AS. Based in Trondheim ...

Gator Watch

Wearable mobile phone and GPS/WIFI tracker for children Music: http://www.bensound.com.

My Gator Watch by Techsixtyfour - France

My Gator Watch is now in France!

Gator Watch Video Review From 8 Yr Old User

We are delighted to have received this review from a happy user of the Gator watch. She is 8 years old and has used the watch ...

SmallBiz100 Colleen Wong on her Techsixtyfour Gator Watch success

SmallBiz100 Colleen Wong talks about her Techsixtyfour Gator Watch success and how she uses Amazon Launchpad for her ...

My Gator Watch - How to Charge

Charging My Gator Watch.

How to register Gator 3

Following video, i will let you know how to Gator 3, when you download the app from google play or apple store, then you open it, ...

Family Holidays with My Gator Watch

My Gator Watch is a wearable mobile phone and tracker made for young children and is an alternative to a smartphone as it has ...

Gator Watch 2019

There is a five foot long alligator swimming in the Humboldt Park Lagoon and Jon Hansen was on gator watch! Check out his morning.

How to make a fingerboard - MIT maker profile 2019

Enjoy a little vignette into my personal obsession with miniature skateboards, accompanied by an interesting ukulele cover of ...

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