Видео: EXCEL DT9205A CHEAP-O Multimeter Review & Teardown!

EXCEL DT9205A $10 Digital Multimeter overview and demostration

In this video I will be taking a look at the EXCEL DT9205A digital multimeter and testing out the various features it has to offer.

all-sun EM8910 CHEAP-O Multimeter Review & Teardown!

It's the YEAR OF THE PIG! So will good fortune abode if you purchase this NON-Autoranging DMM from all-sun? Watch the review ...

JAKEMY JM-9205 CHEAP-O Multimeter Review & Teardown!

Sometimes cheap multimeters surprise, sometimes they disappoint. the JM-9205 does a bit of both..Check out the review!

DT9205A Digital Multimeter Repair

AC Voltages were checked on diode mode. This damaged the multimeter. So i open it and visually inspect it and one resistor ...

Excel DT9205A digital multimeter - Aliexpress unboxing (Quick Look)

🛒 I Buy from: ⠀⠀► http://bit.ly/2QOERfj Subscribe to the channel: http://bit.ly/Su8scr18e ⠀⠀Digital multimeter (DMM) is a ...

Unboxing and review of DT 9205A multimeter

Thank you. Please like share and subscribe. And give your comments. Buy the multimeter from here ...

Sparkfun Multimeter teardown (+bonus cheapo multimeter teardown!)

I take a Sparkfun multimeter apart and peek inside. As a bonus I look inside a $5 multimeter and compare the two. Sparkfun ...

ADM04 CHEAP-O Multimeter Review & Teardown!

ADM04 is a stylish little meter that's accurate and just plain fun! Solid 3.5 Stars The ABSOLUTE BEST Test Lead Kit for the Money!

$3 Upgrade Multimeter Excel DT9205A to Lithium Battery. Rechargeable with mini USB

The Upgrade multimeter to lithium ion battery with USB charging. I'm tired buying batteries for my multimeter, so I made him a ...

Цифровой мультиметр DT9205A - DIGITAL MULTIMETER

Купить https://buyeasy.by/cashback/view/pt92bi7hlo62cfhpvh4z01ki... или здесь ...

DT9205A digital multimeter teardown!

A look inside the killer digital multimeter!

HC9205H CHEAP-O Multimeter Review & Teardown!

Legend has it the HC9205-H Multimeter rose from the darkest depths of the abyss.. Sleek and oh so red...who doesn't love a ...


Hi every body today we will learn another repairing of a multimeter which is wrong way open and it not be correct assemble so we ...


Tear down of the cheapest multimeter I could find on Amazon. Purchased the meter to extract the integrated circuit so I could ...

DT9205A Digital Multimeter - Quick look

Hi, a quick look at a Chinese DT9205A multi-meter. Showing a few features and the things I noticed after I received it ...

KING'SDUN KS9250A CHEAP-O Multimeter Review & Teardown!

Kingsdun KS9250A plays on a name that is synonomous for quality..but this meter is anything but! ..See why it only gets 1 Star!

HYTALS TS98A CHEAP-O Multimeter Review & Teardown!

Sometimes the least expected can surprise. This unknown cheap DMM really surprised me with its accuracy, build quality and ...

Multimetru dt9205 inlocuire baterie (digital multimeter,batery replacement)

multimetru dt9205 inlocuire baterie (digital multimeter,batery replacement)

Опубликовано: 07 Мар 2019

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