Видео: Huawei AM08 Singing Swan Bluetooth Speaker Review

Huawei AM08 Swan Ultra Portable Wireless Bluetooth 4 0 Speaker

What a cool looking speaker! I really liked the style, and the sound output is good on this one as well. Pick it up on Amazon: ...

Huawei Am08 Bluetooth Speaker Unboxing & Review

This is an unboxing & review of Huawei AM08 little swan wireless speaker. Watch the full video before buy a mid range bluetooth ...

Huawei AM08 Swan Bluetooth Speaker - Hands On Video - MyTendyPhone

In this video, we unbox and try the portable mini Bluetooth speaker, the Huawei Swan. Buy the Huawei AM08 Swan Speaker here: ...

Huawei Speaker Bluetooth AM08 - Review & Unboxing (360º 3D Surround)

Bienvenidos de nuevo a ERdC !!! El altavoz inalámbrico que tenía ganas de probar, por fín el Huawei Speaker Bluetooth AM08.

Huawei AM08 Little Swan Portable Bluetooth Speaker with 360-Degree Surround Sound

Buy Now: http://bit.ly/2mB3Bpk The Huawei AM08 Little Swan wireless Bluetooth speaker features an elegant design and delivers ...

Huawei AM08 (bluetooth reproduktor) - unboxing a test

Otestovali jsme pro vás malý reproduktor Huawei AM08. Vyzkoušeli jsme propojení s telefonem a kvalitu zvuku. Nechybí ...

[ Huawei Bluetooth Speaker Swan ] How to use and configure the speaker

This video is provided by TANGGOOD Team. It will show you how to nearly all details about using this speaker. It is very easy and ...

Soundbox Huawei AM08 [TechTests & Reviews], mignon et efficace

Déballage et test en musique de la soundbox (boullebox) HUAWEI AM08 Abonnez-vous sur : http://bit.ly/SinophonixTechVlog.


Hoy chicos voy ha hacer el unboxing de mi altavoz favorito.

Huawei Budget Bluetooth Speaker The Swan

Huawei budget bluetooth speaker for around $15 or 100RMB AM08 Swan Hands-Free Speaker

Huawei /honor Am08 Bluetooth speaker unboxing & Review

Huawei /honor Am08 Bluetooth speaker unboxing & Review Huawei AM08 Little Swan Portable Bluetooth Speaker ...

Huawei AM08 Bluetooth speaker UNBOXING | $30 Bluetooth Speaker

This video is about unboxing a new Huawei 360 degree bluetooth speaker which cost 1000 MUR. Two devices can be connected ...

HUAWEI AM08 Mini Bluetooth Speaker From Geekbuying

Check out all the available coupons and get a discount on the product featured in this video here: http://bit.ly/2J95dQN ...

Huawei Original Bluetooth Speaker AM08 / Bluetooth динамик AM08

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Huawei Bluetooth Speaker

Got this Huawei bluetooth speaker free with Huawei P9 Lite.

HUAWEI AM08 swan bluetooth speaker malayalam review

I explain huawei am08 swan bluetooth speaker features,specifications and price.

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